Monday, July 8, 2013

Frogs or Owls?

I finally got everything moved out of my old room and into the new. I even unpacked a couple of boxes!

This year my room theme was polka dots. I found my inspiration in some scrapbook paper. While that took place last summer, it took me until April to blog about it. (Click here to read)

I usually do a Flat Stanley-type project with my class. Finn and Fran are two inflatable frogs that have been all over the world. My first year teaching the local news station did a story about the frogs' travels. (I have a few ideas for how to take it online with help from my blog friends next year after I get my new room set up. More about that later!)

Over the years, students have given me lots of frog decorations. I don't mind frogs, but the collection just sort of happened.

Our school mascot just recently changed. After years of being the Hawks we are now the Owls. I've been looking for rugs for my new room.

These are my top two right now:
Hoot Hoot Owl Childrens Rug

Animal Doodles Children's Rug Multi on Blue

 I think the second one would be best for not showing stains/dirt, but I do like the owls as well. I'm going to keep my polka dots. I'm keeping my polka dot cabinet, so the color and the dots are coming to my new room. I can make either frogs or owls work.

So, now I am trying to decide if I want to stick with frogs or make the switch to the school mascot owls.

What do you think?


  1. I like the bottom one. You should do both. I have a class mascot and we still do school stuff.

  2. Love the owl rug. I wish I had it for my room!

  3. Jenny,
    I like the owls b/c you can easily make some with polka-dot bellies:) I like the rug and I think the color combos can vary. Owls can grow - you can easily transition to birds/woods/camping.

    I think the frogs will limit your color combo - mainly yellow, green and a little blue.