Saturday, May 14, 2022

Exploravision, Cart Life, and Green Screen Summit

I am working on another post about my new favorite project from this school year, but I realized as I worked on it that my "occasional blogger" status means that I hadn't updated on things in a while.

First, my students won 2nd place in the 4th-6th grade division of NSTA/Toshiba's Exploravision competition. We are one of eight nationally recognized teams that will be heading to DC for an awards celebration next month. I am SO proud of The Replenishanator team and all that they accomplished! 

In other good news, we have 10 days left of school. Due to the pandemic and then to construction on our new building, I've taught from a cart for the last two years. Last year I pushed into classrooms and my cart had an extra monitor connected to the students at home on Zoom at the same time. This year everyone is in person, but I lost my classroom when others were relocated when the portables were removed to make way for the new building.

While this year has been just a little less crazy than the last, I think this video is still relevant. Look out for my specials team. We are the unicorns pushing carts at the 1:39 mark.

Speaking of summer, If you happen to be looking for a fun virtual PD opportunity during your time off, I suggest the Green Screen Summit.

I attended last year because one of my edtech creative heroes was presenting. I was absolutely delighted when she asked if I would present this year! Whether you are a newbie or a green screen addict, you will love this virtual event! Early bird pricing ends 5/15.  The event this year is July 20-23, but the sessions are recorded so you have flexibility in viewing. If you do sign up, please use my affiliate link so I get credit for it.

I hope that the end of the school year goes smoothly for you!

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Back to "Normal"

When things shut down in 2020, I decided that there were some things that I wasn't upset about missing. I really focused a lot on work/life balance. I have always been an ambitious person, but I discovered how much I like going to bed at a reasonable hour instead of working until I can't keep my eyes open. After the first 6 months or so when I took up making sourdough bread, I started going around my neighborhood trying to walk off the extra weight I put on due to my new hobby. I carved out time for myself and things that made me happy.

I found Twitter wasn't good for me at that time. While I usually love finding out the newest edtech ideas, there was too much noise. I had to step away.

In the last few weeks, things have started to feel more like "before." I have been staying up later. Events and projects that haven't happened since 2020 (or even 2019) are returning. One one hand it is exciting. On the other hand it has me reassessing my priorities.

Next week I am going to NSTA in Houston. I've missed conferences and the ideas I always come home with afterwards. I am also venturing back to Twitter. I have an exciting opportunity this summer and am realizing that it is time to reconnect.

I call myself an occasional blogger, but I guess this break was a little more than that. I think I'm ready to dip my toe back in the water and see where it takes me.