Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Too much!

I told myself I was only going to work in my classroom for an hour or two. Then one of my friends walked by and I was showing her all the projects I have started. She kindly asked if I thought I would get it all done in time.


I hope so! After that I decided that cleaning the house could wait. My hour or two in the classroom has turned into 5 hours. I am staying until the end of nap time at day care and picking up the kids early to have fun for the afternoon. On the plus side I have almost finished my Home Depot Apron seat sacks. I have pictures almost ready to post. I'm happy with how it has turned out!

Other projects I've started:
  • Replaced fabric on boards with flat sheets so that all are the same color. (One down, three to go. As it turns out this is going to require a bulletin board shuffle. I'm recruiting help. Those suckers are heavy!)
  • Decided to use the fitted sheet to make no sew curtains. (One done, three to go. Need to buy two more tension rods and problem solve how to add a curtain to the back door)
  • Replaced cabinet doors with white board doors (I finally got the boards cut to size and just need to buy the handles and add felt pieces to the back. I love the way they are going to look. This will be a blog post of its own...someday!)
  • Painted old clothespins and sticks (Saw cute ones covered in scrapbook paper on Pinterest and had left over paint. I thought I'd try it, but now I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them!)
  • Started a "Monster Point" goal sheet for students to track their points from Class Dojo. (Still a work in progress. I love ClassDojo and am still trying to figure out how to make it work in place of the old clip chart. I'm thinking of something with graphing and goals and reflection. We'll see how it goes!)
The biggest thing left to do if paint furniture. I acquired a huge cabinet over the summer but it is a yucky mess. I need to make a date with some goo gone and paint and mod podge. The contact paper on my bookshelves has disintegrated over the last 8 or so years. It is going to take an electric sander and more paint. I know I'll be happy when it is done, but I'm still avoiding!

Oh, and I participated in a webinar this morning. You'd think I was looking for things to do. I'd tried out NearPod this summer with my summer school kids and was impressed. They are offering it again on Wednesday and Thursday.

I also registered for EdmodoCon 2012. My students LOVED Edmodo last year. I tried it out late in the year and am looking for ideas on how to do even more. It looks like it should be informative.

My sister-in-law arrives from Ireland tonight. I'm looking forward to spending time with her and the kids. Now if I could only I could get past the crazy to do list running through my head!