Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Not to Wear

I’m in Orlando for the Marzano Conference with a team from school. We arrived last night. Several members of our team are presenting, so they had a presenters reception last night. My friend and I are just attending so we walked over to register for the conference. We were only planning to register and maybe walk next door for dinner.

We walked in and were immediately pulled into the reception area by some of the conference staff we’ve worked with doing the video case study. I was wearing jeans. My friend was wearing capri pants. We were mortified!

Then we were introduced to Dr. Marzano and Michael Toth.

The rest of our group was dressed for the reception. We were not. We crashed the presenters reception and were not even dressed for it! They tried to take a group picture, but we refused.

I’m hoping not to completely embarrass myself today!


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