Thursday, June 13, 2013

Classroom Library

I’m sitting my my classroom four days into packing up. It is a SLOW process! I got overwhelmed and decided to start in my classroom library. I should probably have started at my desk and teacher book shelf, but I decided I needed to feel like I ‘d accomplished something before I headed that way. I’ve been in this room for nine years! Thankfully I have a month of mornings to get it done!

I saw Jessica’s Tricks of the Trade theme for the day was Classroom Library Organization.

My library was showing its age. Next year I will be in the STEAM Lab, so many of my favorite books are getting packed away for the future. 

I found a resource last year that I wanted to use. I dabbled with it, but did not get to use it properly. I shared it at a conference for pre-service teachers.


It is called Book Source Classroom Organizer. I originally found the link through Pinterest. I signed up and found it to be as good as promised.


You do not have to have a smart device to use the site, but that is my favorite feature! They also recently set up a school portal for use in a resource room.

I didn’t fully implement it in my classroom last year because my library needed work. If I’d had was starting from scratch I would not have a second thought about using it! 

Jessica also asked about reading logs. I am not really a big fan of reading logs myself, but the rest of my team used them so I felt like I had to do so myself. 

This year I put my reading log online and my kids LOVED the change. I had dabbled with Edmodo the year before. My students think it is just like Facebook. Talk about engaging! At the beginning of the year we took a vote. They could choose to do a paper reading log or try it out online.


Using the assignment feature on Edmodo, I would write the instructions for the reading log. Students would then have to log onto Edmodo at home and type their response to what they read. I did tell students that anyone unable to log in at home could handwrite it and type it at school. No one took me up on it. Because Edmodo has apps, students were able to complete their reading log use phone and tablets.


I also used the Spelling City app through Edmodo to replace my paper spelling packet. I could easily track the assignments. I could comment on reading logs from any computer without needed to sort through a pile of papers. On Spelling City students got instant feedback.


The added benefit was typing. I’ve heard that the PARCC test will require students as young as third grade to type a written response to something that they have read. That sounds a bit scary, but my students have been practicing that all year long.


(I pulled the slides from a couple of presentations I made earlier this year. I am procrastinating enough by posting instead of packing!)


  1. I can't wait to get started on this! I actually brought home all my books to organize!

    Thanks for posting!

    24/7 Teacher Amy Harrod

  2. I love using the Book Source Classroom Organizer... I also like their emails about up and coming books. I'm your newest follower :-)

    Real Teachers Learn

  3. I love Edmodo and am so happy to read your post. We dabbled with using it as our reading log at the end of the year to give the kids a summer book talk outlet but I am planning to go full force next year! I loved reading your post today!
    Creating Lifelong Learners