Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Math March Madness

I’ve mentioned before that I love SumDog. I gave a Tech Tuesday presentation to interested colleagues earlier this year. In the course of the training, someone mentioned having a tournament. I’ve been throwing around the idea all year. Now that March is here, it was time to act!

I managed to put together 16 teams from grades 1-6. I logged onto Sumdog and created teams based on each class. Then I entered an activity for each match-up. The two classes compete to have the highest average score. On Monday morning we will announce the classes that move to the next round in the bracket. Because the questions are adaptive, the students can compete across grade level for the highest number of correct answers.


I created this bulletin board to track scores daily. I used these awesome free basketball frames. I'm writing the scores on the teacher’s team sign using dry erase marker. The visual has been a big help to the students who weren’t too familiar with the bracket idea before this contest!


I often use SumDog contests in my classroom. I had monthly contests to find the “Top Turkey” and “Top Elf".” I offer the top 5 finishers a homework pass. To sweeten the deal I offer an extra homework pass for ever 5,000 correct answers. One month my top students answered over 15,000 math questions correctly. That is a LOT of math questions!


I created this little freebie that I use to award my “Top Dogs.” Click on the picture to download a copy for yourself!

While last year I did just fine with the free features, my school does now have a subscription to SumDog. For our summer challenge, the top student answered over 30,000 questions correctly. The numbers are impressive. The kids love the games. They will answer Common Core aligned questions for hours at a time. They do not view it as work – in fact they see time on SumDog as a reward! With numbers like that, I was able to convince my AP that it was worth the cost to get the reports and extra features.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really love using SumDog in the classroom and at home. I do not have to give nearly as many timed multiplication tests as I used to do. SumDog at home and school is a much less painful option!

Have you tried SumDog?


I’m linking up my Spring Bulletin Board with a Techie Twist:

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I am glad I found you too! We use SumDog on a regular basis as well! I love the idea of having a tournament-what fun! Do you have a paid subscription or can you do this all with the free version? We only have the free version. Thanks for sharing this is such a cute idea!

    Learning to the Core