Friday, October 31, 2014

STEAM Lab Pumpkin Patch 2014

I've always loved using pumpkins in the classroom. This year I again bought 40 pumpkin from my local Walmart for the STEAM Lab pumpkin patch. This year, in an attempt to add a little more math and science, we created a "baseball card" for each pumpkin.

Using Google Drive, these pages were printed and posted in the hallway. They have been a big hit! I'm already thinking about how to improve them for next year.

I have a Pinterest board I use for inspiration. Several of the push-ins were bought last year on clearance. Instead of paining, we used colored tissue paper and a glue/water mixture. I find it stays nicer than the paint and it makes it easier to have 18-22 students participate in the decorating process.

So, here are our pumpkin creations.

The pumpkins were auctioned off during the Halloween Howl. I am still waiting to hear the total raised, but it was a big hit!

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