Monday, August 5, 2013

Learning Goals and Scales

I’d planned to go into school today, but we had a new AC unit installed. I watched them use a crane to move the old unit down and the new unit up on top of our two story townhouse. Watching the $4,000 unit lifted past our new car was more than a little nerve wrecking. It has been an expensive two weeks!

Once the unit was on the roof I went back inside and started working on school work. I managed to type up the learning goals and scales for the year.

My plan is to focus on the three Common Core standards related to technology/accessing and organizing information/research. I used this book for the scales.

Using Common Core Standards to Enhance Classroom Instruction & Assessment

I love this book. You can really see how the expectations change at each grade level. Teaching K-5, this was perfect for me.

I used the sample scales for those three standards to type up a double sided sheet for each grade for each standard.


The front of the page has the learning goal and space for students to write the goal in his or her own words. I also included the Common Core Standards related to the goal.


On the back of the page is the learning goal. I have students track progress here. in the left column I have students write the date to show where they think they are at that time. We do this periodically throughout the unit. Each student has a copy of this double sided page kept in his/her folder.

I did one of these for each grade level (K-5) for each of the three technology standards. I am going to add some clip art, but I’m happy to have this much finished.


I thought I was going to school tomorrow for Edmodocon. Then I checked my e-mail and noticed I had the date wrong. Edmodocon is Wednesday.

I am planning on using the digital citizenship curriculum from Common Sense with my classes this year. There is a session about this planned for Wednesday. I watched the sessions last year in my classroom while working on my classroom. It was a great free resource.

I used Edmodo in my classroom last year for reading logs, spelling packets through Spelling City, and more. If you haven’t explored this yet, I would highly recommend it!


  1. I have to do learning goals and scales too. I find that is so much work for each subject and often times confuses the kids instead of making the goal more clear. I think it's too much for the majority of K/1 kids even with breaking down into their language. Too much time/energy is being wasted on this in my opinion. Do you have a sample of your primary grade scales? I would love to compare them with my own.
    Thanks and sorry for the rant!

    Rambling About Reading

  2. Love your front to back learning goals sheet! I do agree with Jess can be overwhelming to do this when you teach all the subjects. I try to do a WALT WILF TIB for each lesson, which is a bit easier. But I know the day is coming when will have to do a sheet like yours! Good luck in your new role this year!!