Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine’s Day Writing

I just posted my Valentine’s Day Writing Craftivity. My class has been working on this all week and we are LOVING it!


I am listening to the Harry Potter audio books right now, and I got the idea for this after listening to the scene in book 6 (I think) where Ron unintentionally eats a chocolate containing love potion. As I listened to the description of him acting crazy in love with a person he hardly knew, I decided my students would get into the idea.

Add to that some love bug clip art, and a craftivity was born.

The idea is that you were bit by a love bug and fell madly in love with the first thing you saw. Most of my students have picked an object to fall in love with – a football, a hamster, a toilet, and so on. We are publishing the writing on Monday.

I printed 5x7 photos of their faces on Friday and they have added a love bug band aid and heart antennae to finish the look. I can’t wait to get these finished and posted in the hallway! Such fun!

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